5 star Google ratings

5 star Google ratings that are entered by real people with a human mind and not pre-made standard texts.
which is entered by any software.

The anger is often very great when the competition evaluates you badly out of jealousy or greed.
Of course, you can take legal action or you want the site operator to remove the bad rating.
But how much change do you have with such a website operator? above all, how long does such a procedure take?

Suppose you asked the site operator to remove the bad rating!

How do you want to prove that the customer is your competitor?

Or if he claims that the order was delivered too late?

We will evaluate your site within the time you want. But experience has shown
Firstly, reviews entered all at once and too many are not credible,
Second, they are checked by the search engines, and possibly even removed.

Therefore everything within the framework.

We will of course enter your desired texts. If you send us the text together with the order, let us know.

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